Our legal pundits have the expertise to evaluate any situation or state of affair. Doesn't matter how adverse the circumstances are, we can turn it all to our client's advantage.

Welcome to Sahay and Company

Sahay and Company is a competent and accomplished law firm rooted in India's capital territory, Delhi. The pre-eminent legal advisory experts from Sahay And Company have unraveled many convoluted and sensitive cases that defied easy solutions. Over the years, the company has been commended for its dedication and hard work, and has set a path to be followed by other upcoming legal agencies.

Sahay and Company firmly believes and maintains symbiotic associations with its clients. The panel of legal experts, who are part of the company, augments highest rank of work ethics and nurtures positive outlook. With constant efforts, the company has made a mark as a renowned private legal advisory firm in Delhi. To serve the diverse clientele, Sahay and Company has associations with other firms across the international borders as well, so as to facilitate cases related to international law.

The team of Sahay and Company is revered as a practical, experienced and diligent law representatives among their counterparts. The company nurtures the client-attorney relationship with constructive personal approach to maintain continuity and clear communication.

Objective & Mission

The vision and ambition behind incorporating Sahay and Company was to broaden the understanding and approachability of legal services. We want to be a legal service company whose services are easily accessible for people from different walks of life. The partners, associates and attorneys at the company maintain the highest level of professionalism and are focussed to provide responsive as well as timely legal service to our clients. In upcoming years, our vision is to be a leading law firm of the country and serve the fellow citizens with integrity, efficiency and mutual trust.