Arbitrations and Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Lawyers at Sahay and Company pursue a well judged and prudent statistics to solve disagreements and disputes. The company holds a good record of judicial representation for formal judgement in any of the disputed matter.

We assist as well as represent our clients, leading them with dependable advice which could take them through the arbitration process. It may include pre - arbitral negotiations, the conduct of arbitral proceedings and the challenge and enforcement of arbitral awards. Our dedicated team of attorneys and legal advisors work in a team to defend the filed petitions or legal proceedings in from of Courts or even Tribunals.

Under Arbitrations and Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR), the company provide assistance for various commercialized issues including (but not limited to) media and entertainment, consumer disputes, debt recovery, employment and human resources, unfair and restrictive trade practices, contractual disputes and intellectual property disputes.