Civil, Criminal and Commercial Litigation

For years, Sahay and Company has represented and proffered substantial, strategic solutions to civil, criminal and commercial litigation matters. From businesses to people from daily walk of life - we have presented cases in front of all courts, tribunals and boards in the country

The attorneys of Sahay and Company have concocted a web of litigation attorneys in all courts of law across the states and union territories of the country. This extended network of legal experts save clients from the worry of connecting with a regional law expert.

As for Criminal Litigation, the company offers legal services for economic offences committed by business or companies, Frauds encountered by department of company affairs, Dishonor of cheques, Quashing of FIRs/Bails/Trials, Revisions and further appeals of criminal offence,prevention of corruption act, Defamation Cases, Money laundering crime, breach of IP and Cyber Laws, breaking of Narcotics and Drugs violation laws.

Sahay and Company also represent clients for Special Leave Petitions, Transfer Petitions, Writ petitions, Matrimonial Disputes such as Divorce and alimony, guardianship and child care protection, Consumer Complaints, Partition suits, Property disputes, summons and claim settlements to name a few.