Privacy Policy

We always work diligently to safeguard the privacy of the information of website visitors. The company is committed towards guarding all the data which as a visitor, you have registered at this website. As a prominent law company of Delhi, we give utmost importance towards the privacy policy and hence work hard and attentively so as to shield this website from unauthorized and unlawful use of website information. This website is supported by all the latest and updated web security features. We want to prevent any accidental loss or destruction of website information including the user registered information.

The information registered at our website includes the email communication with Sahay and Company, information added to the query forms on the website, mailing details for newsletter subscription. This website also has access and also utilizes cookies for enhanced web experience of our visitors. Through this, we try to monitor and analyze how the website 'Sahay and' is used by our daily website visitors. It helps in improving and providing more advanced features to visitors every time. The collected information (through cookies) include the date and time of visits, the pages viewed, time spent at the web site, and the web sites visited just before and just after our web site.

There are only selected instances when we may have to share or disclose the information related to website visitors, which includes -

(a) Conforming to the law or complying with the legal process served on us or to the related parties.

(b) Safeguarding our rights and property, our Site, the users of our site, and/or our affiliated parties.

(c) Protecting the safety of users of the site, us, or third parties, under certain specific acts or laws.

We also would like to declare and inform that all the information submitted to this website by any of the website is done at your own risk.

Also, any exchange of information or communication does not entitle us or the visitor of the visitor as Client-attorney or Client-lawyer relationship. Neither do we hold any responsibility of the content and information presented by our native website.