Shipping and Aviation Laws

Aviation is no more a luxury that only a few can afford. Recent years has witnessed changes in the sector which has helped maximize its reach to middle class category. The competitive spirit of the sector has metamorphosed the path of growth and exceeded the reach. There are numerous private as well as public airlines which offers consumer-oriented services.

The company provides assistance for varied aviation and shipping laws which include marine insurance, laws of ownership and registration of ships, sale and building of ships, financing laws for ships, mortgages and manning of ships and law of collisions are the few. The experienced and knowledgeable lawyers handle all legal issues related to aviation law. The offered services include -

  • Drafting Airport Agreement, Agreement for Sale, Purchase and
  • Leasing of Aircraft Agreement
  • Issues relating to airport infrastructure
  • Aviation related custom issues
  • Merger and Acquisition
  • Drafting of Airway Bills
  • Drafting sale, freight forwarding contract