Taxation & Finance Laws

Whether it's Direct or Indirect Tax, the expert tax consultants and experienced attorneys of the company have been representing clients for varied tax issues before judicial authorities.

Taxation matters are very significant to a company's growth. While Representing such issues, the law representatives should be considerate. At Sahay and Company, lawyers and advisors have a great experience of managing intricate cases like transactions taking place across the border, or regularly followed matters like determination of tax exemption eligibility.

Whether it is the highest judicial forum of the country or other tribunals and forums, the company represents clients before all existing judicial bodies. The legal experts of the company represent clients before Government Taxation Authorities, Appellate Authorities, High Courts, the Supreme Court of India and other Tribunals as well as Department of Revenue, Central Board of Excise and Customs and other appropriate authorities.

Matters relating to tax that surface up during mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and reconstruction. Guiding on issues related to Value Added Tax (VAT), service tax, Customs procedures, import and export levies, valuation planning, classification, warehousing, duty entitlements etc. Advance Tax Rulings in respect of certain Transactions Litigations related to excise, customs, service tax, sales tax