Administrative & Constitutional Law

The lawyers and attorneys at Sahay and Company are acquainted with the formation and operation of government's administrative bodies,and how they direct, redress and supervise complex matters of governmental concern. The company employs the knowledge and skill acquired by years of their practical experience in the field, to augment the legal proceedings of clients. The advisory panel at Sahay and Company keeps a sharp eye on proposed changes in government policies, potential impact on any particular line of work,commercial enterprise,service or businesses and how to prepare well for legal procedures in advance for these changes.

It is important to have a legal support for all those policies which dictate how a particular business/trade/field must abide certain rules and regulations. Then comes the decision making part, where these administrative bodies enforce rules and regulations.The understanding of administrative and regulatory law acquired by lawyers and legal advisors at Sahay and Company is vitally important to solve the complexities of regulatory agencies, the above said rule making process and of course, the regulatory frameworks.

Also our lawyers and legal advisors have represented diverse clientele before federal, state or local agencies for cases and matters related to Constitutional laws umpteenth time. With more than fifteen years of legal practice, the team has in depth understanding of the framework which define fundamental and political principles. The law experts provide assistance in matters related to structuring, procedures, powers and duties of government institutions and the well defined set of fundamental rights as well as duties of citizens of this country.